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GooglR Translate Desktop

GoolgR Translate Desktop

GooglR Translate Desktop helps users fast translate any typed language into the one they want. With this powerful translation tool uses are able to write emails and documents in other languages, communicate with foreigners and read foreign articles easily. It works together with Outlook, Word, IE and Instant Message tools such as MSN, Skype, AIM, AOL, ICQ, etc. It also supports websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and BBS.

GoolgR Translate Desktop


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Main Features of GooglR Translate Desktop - Powerful online translation tool.

* Pronounce
Translated results can be pronounced in a fluent voice.

* Abundant Language Lib
Support almost all the languages in the world.

* Clipboard Monitoring
Automatically detect and translate the text on clipboard.

* Automatically Identify the Input Text
Users don't need to select the input language.

* Support to translate importing files
Users don't need to open and copy the content from a TXT.

* Support to save translation results
Users don't need to copy the translation results and save it by hand.

* Support Romanization
Some languages maybe pronounced by Romanization.

* Support Online Dictionary
Results are quoted from google translate online.

* Live Update
Update by one click.

* Free for Use
Users don't need to pay for a charged translator or dictionary.

* Safe and Clean
It is green software which you don't need to install on your computer.