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Packet Monitor

Packet Monitor is the combine of packet sniffer and network monitor. It can be setup on your network, and it will help you manage your network better. It sniffs all the traffic data on your network, and will warn you if anything get to be unusual. More than that, you can use the built-in filter to specify packets, and block some of them if you want to. The flexible graph interface enables you to quick analysis of your network. You can easily troubleshoot your network by using Packet Monitor, and it will make you to be the best administrator in hours!

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Help for User

  • How to connetct Packet Monitor to the network?
    Packet Monitor can run on 3 types of networks:
    1. Using Hubs - The best choice to gain visibility on a switched network is to insert a hub to all the connections. Packet Monitor will monitor the traffic through the public port on hub, so that all the communications throughout the network is available and visible in Packet Monitor.
    2. Using a Tap - If you are using Tap on your network, Packet Monitor can easily help you monitor your network. As you already know, Tap is something like Phone Tap. Normally it has three ports on it. Usually the port-1 will be attached to Protected Switch; the port-2 will be attached to Firewall. Packet Monitor will attach to the port-3 to monitor all the traffic data throughout your network, so you can know everything about the Tap network.
    3. Using Mirror Port - Most switches support mirror port, Packet Monitor can help with your network monitoring too by using the mirror port. First you need to configure the mirror port on the switch, and then connect Packet Monitor to this mirror port. This kind of mirror network monitoring works like the Tap network, but it will not break the full duplex nature.
  • How to use those charts on the main board?
    Those network monitoring charts on the main board is used for your network analysis. They can be freely add or remove from the main board. Go to the top right on the main board, you will find "Add" and "Reset" options. And on the top left of every chart, you can see a small drop-down menu. Click it, you will be able to minimize it, delete it or show the original data instead of the chart.
  • How to know the communication details?
    Hit the Layered View button on left side, you will see items in 3 layers. Access one of them, you will know the communication details in summary, flows and pages statistics.
  • How to block a specified network communication like BitTorrent?
    Go to Event Manager on the bar, select Packet Events, you will see the "No BitTorrent" listed in the box. Enable it, then you will get the BitTorrent be blocked. You can also edit any existing rule by double click on it. You can also make the Packet Monitor Security System playing alarm, sending an email, execute a program or cut off the communication.
  • How to capture packets from the network?
    Press F2.
  • How to use the captured trace files?
    Those captured trace files can be saved as *.enc, *.pcap, *.adc or *.dmp files format. Whenever you want to analyze those trace files, click Open to import them and they will be decoded by Packet Monitor, all the traffic data will be on those charts. You will be able to see the conversation details from the flowcharts in analysis results.
  • Still confused with this program?
    Don't worry, send your questions to we will reply to you ASAP!

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP / Vista / 7
  • 512MB RAM
  • Network Adapter

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Product Information

Lastest Version: 2.2.48

File Size: 13.67 MB

Release Date: April 1, 2012

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