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Reinstall DX Easy

Reinstall DX Easy provides a perfect solution to WIndows gamers to control DirectX. With Reinstall DX Easy, Windows gamers can repair DX errors, install DX updates, uninstall DX, backward DX, rollback DX, backup DX, restore DX and reinstall DX effortlessly. If you have been disturbed by DX errors, we recommend to use Reinstall DX Easy to remove all the DX errors from your system.

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Help for User

  • Does the Reinstall DX Easy supports Windows 64-bit systems?
    Yes, Reinstall DX Easy V5.31 supports Windows 2000/2003/2008 (R2), XP (SP2 or later), Vista and Win7, both x86 and x64 systems are supported.
  • What's the greatest strength if I use Reinstall DX Easy to manage my DirectX?
    Reinstall DX Easy is the ONLY tool which can help you perfectly repair DX errors, install DX updates, get DX backward, make DX backup and restore. The traditional way to reinstall DX or DX backward always needs to reinstall the entire operating system, but Reinstall DX Easy provides a solution which can get rid of such issues.
  • How to diagnose DX errors in my system?
    After you have installed Reinstall DX Easy to your computer, you will see the general info of your current system. DX version shows the current version on your computer, and the redist version shows whether you have installed any update to the current DX. If you want to diagnose DX in your system, simply click on the "DX diag". The left one is for 32-bit systems while the right one is for 64-bit systems.
  • How to repair DX errors?
    Simply insert the system setup disc of current operating system, then press "Next" to process. Reinstall DX Easy will extract necessary DX components from the system setup disc and get all DX errors be fixed in minutes. You need to cut off all the internet connections before fixing DX errors.
  • How to install DX updates?
    Before doing this, you must fix all the DX errors first, then download the update file from here. Uncompress the downloaded file and set the path to it on your Reinstall DX Easy. Cut off the internet connections and make DX updates be installed to your system by then. Especially for the Windows Vista or Windows 2008 systems, you can even update them to DirectX 11 directly with Reinstall DX Easy.
  • How to get DX backward?
    You can get DX backward to the initial version when you setup the current system. Go to "Repair" tab and insert the system setup disk, your DX backward will be done in minutes. You can also reinstall DX updates after that.
  • How to make a DirectX backup file?
    Reinstall DX Easy enables you to backup the current DX in your system, with update files included. If you got a DX error some day, you can use this DirectX backup to restore DX to the one without any error. You are allowed to use this function for 30 times before you register Reinstall DX Easy for lifetime use.
  • Still confused with this program?
    Don't worry, send your questions to we will reply to you ASAP!

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP / Vista / 7
  • 512MB RAM

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Product Information

Lastest Version: 5.6

File Size: 25.8 MB

Release Date: April 1, 2012

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