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Skype Call Recorder Lite

Skype Call Recorder Lite Version is developed to record Skype calls for personal use. It has a smaller interface than the Pro version, and simplifies some seldom used functions from the previous version. If you already have a registration code of Skype Call Recorder v4.2, please feel free to download and use this lite version. Otherwise you can buy a registration code of lite version for your personal Skype recording.

Note: Order now you will get an Additional one month money-back guarantee; 30 days free trial with full functions; free technical support online; free update service for lifetime!

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Key Features

    General Pro Lite
    Version Number 5.5 1.0
    the main interface of Skype Recorder.
    interface of platinum version interface of lite version
    Color Changing
    Skype Recorder lite version allows to customize the interface.
    yes yes
    Record Skype with High Quality
    Best recording quality.
    yes yes
    Auto Recording
    Automatically record Skype calls when they get through.
    yes yes
    Auto Saving
    Automatically save recordings to the destination folder.
    yes yes
    Advanced Pro Lite
    Not Disturb Mode
    Allow to hide the interface for an invisible Skype recording.
    yes N/A
    Record Uploading
    upload recordings to web server.
    yes N/A
    Mp3 Compress
    Compress the recording files into Mp3 format with customized compression rate.
    yes yes
    Add Notes
    add notes to recordings.
    yes N/A
    Offline Recording
    record any linein voice even not connect to Skype pr internet.
    yes N/A
    Drag and Drop
    Drag and drop the recordings to Skype Recorder then play it.
    yes N/A
    Auto Answer
    Automatically answer a Skype call with preset recording.
    yes N/A
    Other Info Pro Lite
    Size of Interface 539*440 pixel 350*98 pixel
    Size of Package 2.35 MB 2.12 MB
    Download free download pro version free download lite version
    Free Trial Length Unlimited Length Unlimited Length
    Price Buy Skype Call Recorder Pro Version Buy Skype Call Recorder Lite Version
    only $29.95 only $9.9
    Cross Sale - Regedit Cleaner
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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98/2000/2003/NT/XP/ Vista/Win7
  • 128MB RAM
  • Skype

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Product Information

Lastest Version: 1.0

File Size: 2.13 MB

Release Date: Sep 13, 2011

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